Handmade Glass is Magical and Mysterious

Randie Silverstein's designs are unique and handcrafted in the USA. Her kiln formed glass panels are inspired by nature and are bursting with color.  Evocative landscapes of the universe, her new work speaks of creatures of the deep and sub atomic particles...Super nova and black holes...

"Glass started talking to me in ways I had not imagined. I started seeing the landscape, the sky, and the sea, and soon I was looking into the cosmos. I became obsessed with the horizon line, where the earth meets the sky, the sun emerges and sets, the comforts of earth become the vastness of the unknown."


The “Celestial Bodies,” series, is inspired by and celebrates the beginning of a new day with the explosion of the first rays of the morning sun, the subtle, gentle diminishing of light with its setting, and the night sky with its galaxies and stars an unimaginable distance away. This new body of work, called "Stardust" is inspired by science and particularly physics. Glass as a material really lends itself to these ideas and inspirations. 


The studio is open by appointment only.

For information on specific pieces- please e mail or call the studio.