Specializing in Handmade Glass Installations for Residential and Commercial Spaces.


While we are currently sheltered in place, we are helping to flatten the curve. However admittedly no artist loves anything more than to be in their studios and since i have a home studio, i have been in mine... Please please shop my etsy shop, and while you are at it, please take some time if you have it to support your local artists and musicians. Many of us run very small businesses with not a lot of padding, and are not eligible for things like unemployment. But we may well have art and songs for you to trade for your support so find your favorite creatives, and download a song, an album, or buy a piece of glass or ceramics or painting. You'll be helping a fellow American survive, and you'll feel good in the process. Thank you, Love Randie

Artist Randie Silverstein of Santa Cruz, CA, works with you to design an installation for your space,

be it an office, public building or private home. 

Pick one, or cluster several sizes shapes and colors to add interest to your entryway, your office or commercial space. They come in 4 sizes, 9 colors stories, with multiple ways to hang and interact.

The studio is open by appointment only.

For information on specific pieces- please e mail or call the studio.